The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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Birmingham Michigan I am a student in Mrs R's class. When I read the book The Hunger Games I found the plot very interesting as Katniss Everdeen sacrificed herself to protect her sister when she got picked to go into the Hunger Games. I thought that was very brave of her to do that for her sister because the Hunger Games is a battle to the death. E ach district has to give one boy and one girl to go into it. This book is very emotional as twenty four contestants go into the games but only one can survive it! I would highly recommend this book to any one who can read.

10/22/2011 North Branch MI
I am Mrs R and one of my students passed this book on to me. I found the plot to be both terrifying and exciting all at the same time. The characters have to endure great trials and tribulations and throughout they show great courage strength and integrity. It made me think about how the experiences we go through have a huge impact on the choices that we make about the person that we want to be. It also made me think about the future and the future that I want my children to live in-I definitely do not want them to grow up in a world like Panem. What can we do today to ensure a better future, where resources are shared equally and children do not have to fight to the death? This book made me laugh and cry, it truly touched and thank you Michael for sharing this with me. I ran out to but the sequel immediately and can't wait to find out what happens next

11/21/2011 Anchorage, AK
I am Jason Arthur, a teacher who met Mrs. Roberts in Seattle at a Microsoft Innovative Educators Conference. We both advanced to Washington, DC, where she handed the book to me. I must say it was an intriguing read. My first question was, "how does a writer think of these things?" But, the book took me in and I finished it quickly. It had a plot that I have never seen nor heard of in post-apocalyptic novels. It does not follow the cliche' alien, zombie, or we all kill each other with nuclear bomb scenarios; it is very original. It gives a very unique voice to each character from each region of the country, a voice that is fairly similar to people who live in those situations. My next thought was "can this ever happen to us?" It can! If we discount any possibility, it may just happen and keep us off guard, especially with the world of regulation and control we live in today. The big question is: "How can we prevent this from happening?" I have my own ideas, but what are yours?