Million Dollar Throw Activity Page

November 3rd, Birmingham Michigan

I have read alot of books by mike lupica and this one is by far my favorite.If you are unfamiliar with this book it takes place in a town outside of Boston Massachusetts and revolves around Nate brodie who is arguably the best quarterback in there small town and maybe the state and well deserves the nickname Brady as in the patriots quarterback. Nate in a huge Tom Brady fan and is more then exited when he hears he has won a contest that will give him a chance to throw a football and win a million dollars at a patriots game. Nate feels that this will be the easiest amount of money he has ever made but is unaware of the challenges that lie ahead. After reading this book there is no doubt that Nate Brodie is not only a leader on the football field but a leader off the field also and has a great amount of character based on the decisions he makes. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a football fan or enjoys a great story.