How can you get the most out of travelling books?

Kids:How many books have you released and how far has it travelled? Get together with a group of friends and challenge each other to release a book that travels the farthest around the world. What fun activities can you do related to your book? Can you think of any activities that can help you learn about yourself, others, the local community, geography, science, math etc.?How creative can you be with your review? What technology do you have access to help you really reach your audience and reveal what you really think about this book?

Teachers: Trying to get your kids into reading?Create a friendly competition for your students allocating points for submitting a review, for creating a related activity, for doing the activities...have kids be part of the process defining the rules and point assignments.
Need to incorporate tech activities or collaborative projects? Encourage kids to get together and release a team book, learn about the technologies the kids are using at home and encourage them to incorporate them into the review or the activities pages.Ask the kids what would make this more fun and engaging!!