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Grow is about two people who turn an old parking lot into a garden. They start out small, but as they get help along they way by new friends they meet, their garden gets much bigger. Then one day the parking lot owner wants to ruin all their hard work and turn it into a parking structure. Will they save the garden or will it get burried into a parking lot. Read this realistic fiction book to find out.

i would give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it is slow at the biggining, but it gets better as it goes along. It is also hard to understand because of the poetic way it was written. The main charecters in this book are an adult and an 11 year old. The characters are bilevible because they sound like normal people trying to make a difrence in the world. The plot in this book is verey real and believable because even today it is hard to find a place to grow and find nature alll around you.

each activaty you do gets you points, how many points can you get?

10 points= go into your yard count how many plants you have.
20 points= take a survay of your class how many of them have gardens.
30 points= write an article in your school newspaper encuraging kids to start there own garden.
40 points=start your own garden. How many plants can you grow?

After you read Grow his post your thoughts about the book here.