If you are an individual skip to Step 2.

Step 1
Decide upon a team name and add it ot the team spreadheet

Step 2
Check the Book List to make sure that your book hasn't already been released. If it hasn't add it to the spreadsheet.

Step 3
You are going to create a page for your book that looks like this:Hunger Games Create a page for your book and title it with the title of your book . The page should include the following:
Title & Author
Image of the front cover
A brief summary of the book.
An embedded google map.Click here for directions

Step 4
Make a review of the book. What did you think of the characters, the plot, the pace? What did it make you think about? Would you recommend it or not? Explain.
Remember to be creative! Your review can be written right on the wiki page, you can make a movie, prezi, podcast, wallwisher, and more! Include the date and city where you live.
Add the written direction for others to add their own review at the bottom of the page.

Step 5
Create an activity page for your book.Design 3-5 challenges or activities that others can do to explore the characters, themes, or ideas presented in the book. Click here to see examples. Can you create an activity that inspires others to take action in their classroom, school, or community? Depending on difficulty assign each activity a point value of 10, 20 or 30 points.

Step 6
Create a How Far Has This Book Travelled page and add it a link to it .

Step 7
Identify the genre of your book and make a link to your page the correct genre page
Step 8
Create a mobi tag:

Step 9
Release your book out into the wild.
  • Pass your book on to a friend, relative or neighbor who you think will enjoy the book. -OR- Pass the book on to someone traveling and see how far your book can go.